Monday, May 10, 2010

Casa Kimball

Casa Kimball is a house located in the Dominican Republic. A place designed by Rangr Studio, an internationally published architectural design firm with experience in a variety of project types, scales and countries. The house is really beautiful and wonderfully designed. The lines of the construction, the mix of elements, the huge spaces and the big windows and doors give it good look. With its glass doors, the house's interiors kind of mix with the exteriors, giving the house a nice and natural lightning system and also allowing the breeze in. The pool with its infinite edge line that seem to merge into the ocean is also very unique and inspiring. This house is just gorgeous!

Characture Illustration by Eamo Donnelly

This illustration by Eamo Donnelly is pretty cool and very colorful. It makes me laugh to look at this work, it's just wonderful. I love all the colors and how the intersect with each other. It's so awesome how he makes Obama rock out! The artist is straight from Australia. Eamo Donnelly is best known for his intricately hand inked, character driven illustrations, infused with an eclectically dynamic color palette.

New Font

This new font I found, which is free by the way, is awesome and retro. The font reminds me of fonts on the posters from the 70's. If used right, it would look really cool on modern day posters and t-shirts. The font is called "Dan". The numbers from the font also look neat!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Illustrations by Erik Jones

Erik Jones is a traditional artist who makes great illustrations. You should really check out his portfolio for more of his pieces. These illustrations are painted, which just amazes me. It looks like so much like graphic art but it is not. The colors are so minimal and complimentary. It is just a nice and fresh look for illustration. I love the whole screen printed look used for these paintings. The flow of hair in the illustration at the bottom really shows motion and flow throughout the work. I like how the artist incorporated the tattoos making it an art within itself, giving the women more colors and contrast. I like the colors chosen in the illustration to the left, they really pop off the background and make the work look very contemporary.

Architecture by Alejandro Aravena

Alejandro Aravena is seen as one of the great names of young architects, he has produced great works in his own office, but with elemental he stands to make great projects of public interest and social impact, an important issue for many cities today. Alejandro was born in 1967 and graduated in architecture from the Universidad Catolica de Chile in 1992. Since 1994, Aravena began executing his own works, including buildings for Universidad Catolica, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Medicine, Torre Siamesa and the School of Architecture. He was a professor at the Universidad Catolica de Chile, Instituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia where he got his graduate degree in History and Theory, and visiting professor at Harvard. Since 2006 Aravena is the CEO of ELEMENTAL S.A.. ELEMENTAL is based on the strength of innovation and design of projects of public interest and social impact. Their designs are transformed into an opportunity to bring the benefits of the city for all.
The building in the pictures is so modern looking. The colors are astounding! Red, black beige and white, a great color combination. The lines from the architecture are intersecting and extending from the building in a such a beautiful way.
These Vintage Pin Up illustrations by Haddon Sundblom still inspire me today. He was born in Michigan in 1899. His family was a mix of Swedish and Russian in heritage, and Haddon was first generation American. He studied at the American Institute of Art and began painting advertisements for the Coke a cola company in the 1930's. Haddon was also a revered glamour and pin up artist, inspiring the likes of Gil Elvgren and Joyce Ballentine, like in these illustrations. His many stunning vintage pin up images were used in advertising, calendars and Playboy magazine. I just love the colors used in illustrations like these and the fashion of women from this time period, they are very elegant.

These paper crafts are done by Yulia Brodskaya. She is very recognized for her astonishing, elegant and detailed paper illustrations. She also continues to experiment and explore ways of bringing together all the things shes likes most: typography, paper and highly detailed hand-made craft objects. The colors, details, swirls and the movement of her works just amaze me. Everything matches perfectly catching attention and enchanting those who love the combination of creativity, talent and unique ideas. It's just so unbelievable how she puts the design together.